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Welcome to the Lynn Mitchell Group Inc. website

Creators donít stop creating because of a recession, they continue to create. Innovators continue to innovate. People become smarter and cleverer with the way they interface with life. The old familiar road takes a turn and becomes a new road, waiting to be walked upon and discovered.

We believe we live in a universe of limitless opportunity, waiting in anticipation to give us what we ask for. So be it, we are asking for not only good health, wonderful friends and deep love in all our relationships, but also for increased prosperity and great abundance. Therefore:

Lynn Mitchell Group has E X P A N D E D!

Lynn Mitchell Group Showroom has expanded from 2,000 sq. ft. to 2,900 sq. ft. We have expanded our territory of daily coverage to include Arizona as well as Southern California.

Unique, Different and Clever donít just survive, we prosper.

Join us on this road to greater prosperity and abundance as our economy turns around. We believe that by Catering to Clever we will all succeed on this creative path to a better, more prosperous life.

Thank you for visiting our internet website. Please become acquainted with the manufacturers we represent in Southern California and Arizona by linking to all of their websites from ”Our Manufacturers” tab. Please return to to place an order, schedule an appointment with your rep or to get directions to our new 2,900 square foot Showroom at the LA Mart in downtown Los Angeles.

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Faceplant Dreams

Snow & Graham

Unemployed Philosopher's Guild

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