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Effortless Table Linens for Everyday Living

We believe every meal should be a celebration.

We never knew that what started out as a DIY project for our wedding, would eventually lead us to making a product consistent with our values — *good for the environment, made with the utmost attention to detail, *and something doesn’t require work outside our normal laundry routine.

We started with fabric made out of recycled materials. We use non-toxic, skin-friendly ink on all of our products. Then, unlike most traditional manufacturing methods, we don’t use any excess water or create contaminated runoff during the process.

We also weren’t willing to compromise on convenience or quality. That’s why our linens are easy-care, soft, machine washable, and naturally more stain and fade resistant than traditional cotton and linen.

We’re proud to handcraft each product here in Los Angeles, California. That means we pay attention to the “little” things like reinforced mitered corners so our linens stand up better to constant use and repeated washes.

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