A bold, clean, modern aesthetic to traditional letterpress printing

Waterknot brings a bold, clean, modern aesthetic to traditional letterpress printing. They make cards for all occasions that celebrate popular themes like hiking, biking, camping, gardening, beer, whiskey, coffee and music. Their cards feature original illustration, design and writing by husband and wife team Josh Nusbaum and Jenn Pagliaro.

Waterknot balances a vintage feel with contemporary sensibilities. While the overall look is not fussy or precious, the cards are made to become treasured keepsakes. Each card is printed, one at a time, on an antique letterpress using only extra-heavy recycled cover stocks and hand-mixed inks. This process is a labor of love that you can see and feel.

Waterknot brings this same style and attention to detail to their ever-growing line of notebooks, art prints, drink coasters and postcards, too.

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