The Neighborgoods

Food-themed gifts for everyday life

“Hi, my name is Jodi and I’m the creator behind The Neighborgoods, based in Washington DC. Our products are inspired by the beauty of food and how it brings people together – whether through baking cupcakes, making homemade jams, or sharing a love of beets. When my goods bring a smile to someone’s face or when a customer can find the perfect gift for their pickle loving friend, it makes my day and is why I keep creating our fun, foodie-themed products.

The result of my first illustrated recipes (cupcakes and pancakes) was fun and functional, my favorite combo! Being that it was close to the holidays I thought that printing my illustrated recipes onto dish towels for friends and family would make a great, unique gift. I wasn’t able to get them out that holiday season so I decided to sign up for a semester course learning how to screen print in the new year. One thing led to another, I fell in love with printing and making products, ended up creating more designs, new goods, and a ton of screen printed dish towels…for everyone to gift!

I have since expanded my line to include baby onesies, greeting cards, art prints, and buttons with plans to keep growing and creating more foodie themed gifts for all occasions.”

-Jodi K., owner/designer

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