Easy Entertaining. Elegant Events.

Sophistiplate™ is a line of beautiful, unique, elegant, and sophisticated disposable paper tableware designed and made in Italy. Perfect for those who love easy, yet elegant entertaining.

Founded by the father and son team, Sophistiplate™ was conceived of while traveling in Europe, and built around a beautiful line of disposable tableware found, designed and created in Italy.

Gary and Daniel were tired of the plain, boring, and cheap-looking disposable tableware that made entertaining easier but did nothing to enhance the table setting and ambience. They wanted the convenience of disposable tableware, but did not want to sacrifice class, creativity and elegance on the dining table. They wanted the convenience and the WOW factor. After scouring the globe for disposable tableware lines that would elevate each and every dining experience, Gary and Daniel finally found a line of sophisticated paper products designed and made in Italy, that look too good to throw away, and Sophistiplate™ was born!

Sophistiplate’s™ motto is Easy Entertaining, Elegant Events, and we live up to this promise with each and every item we curate in our assortment. Disposable plates, bowls, and napkins do not have to be cheap looking and boring, we believe it should be elegant, exciting, fun, unique and classy, in short it should be Sophistiplated™ !

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