Sapling Press

Reading is Mandatory

We’re a letterpress design and print shop founded in 2003 and grounded in the steel city of Pittsburgh. If you walked through our door right now you’d catch us manning the presses, answering emails, packaging products, and chatting about everything from home renovation to our latest Netflix obsession. Our lines of gifts and greeting cards keep us busy on the daily, but it’s not our only gig. We turn out everything from custom invitations to business cards, host events, and offer classes throughout the year. Idle hands, ya know.

The shop houses seven presses, the occasional furry friend, and a playlist that just won’t quit.

Want more of a backstory? Can do. Lisa Krowinski started this business while working as a graphic designer in Baltimore. After setting type for four hours in the home studio of a local printer, her fate was sealed. The shop has moved five times since the purchase of our first press, and with each move Sapling Press has become a bigger and better version of itself, all thanks to a dedicated crew, awesome clients, hustlin’ reps, mad talented collaborators, and a long list of folks who support us like it’s their job. Thanks so much for taking the time to check us out.

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