The first magnetic journal that lets you rearrange your pages!

The Rekonect Magnetic Notebook is the first of its kind! The cover has a faux leather exterior and a high-grade elastic band that wraps around the notebook. The spine of the notebook contains a series of magnets that allow for you to easily remove, rearrange, and reattach each sheet of paper as desired.

In a world so full of ever expanding technology and the anticipation for brand new electronics, little effort is exerted toward the perfecting of the ordinary. The Rekonect Magnetic Notebook wants to take a familiar friend and put a modern spin on it, while still maintaining the integrity of the traditional notebook.Established in 2013, Rekonect is a family owned and operated company, located in Southern California, that got its first start on Kickstarter. Here at Rekonect we want our notebooks to be able to express creativity in a unique and fun way.

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