R. Nichols

Hand-cut paper stationery & gifts

The mission of R. Nichols is to bring joy and sophistication to the world through creative, happy designs. Illustration is the core of R. Nichols and drives the business; the recognizable silhouette style derived from the craft of cut paper has set R. Nichols apart with a look all their own.

R. Nichols loves to feature the beauty and humor of everyday life in their designs. Inspiration comes from the world around us: a cat on top of the fridge, the Golden Gate bridge, a sleek urban shopper, flowers in spring. We hope every image evokes a special feeling of relevance and joy to the viewer.

Customers are treated to perfection in all that we create, from the illustration, to the packaging, to the quality of the product. We strive daily to give others value, professionalism and style. We are grateful for our retail and wholesale customers and treat them with honesty, grace and appreciation.

If you haven’t already, give us a try! You’ll see that R. Nichols is true to its promise of style, value and joy in all that it creates.

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