Paper Epiphanies

Attitude; pressed

Paper Epiphanies™ began with the desire to create a luxe stationery, office goods and letterpress line that actually said what we were thinking. We aim to empower everyone, especially women, to say what they want to say and not to feel confined by the rules society makes for them.

We believe that being elegant and being edgy are not mutually exclusive, and our brand is a direct reflection of that sentiment. We are a brand that has your back.

Here, we don’t judge (well…maybe just your shoes). If we are laughing, it is with you and not at you. We believe that everyone has their own journey and some just happen to be funnier than others.

In just a few short years, our business has grown exponentially and we are excited to have members of our retail family all over the world! Our cards, paper goods and gift items are brought to life in our Portland, OR studio.

At the end of the day, Paper Epiphanies believes that there is an attitude for every occasion and we hope to represent them all. We create products for real people, in life’s most real moments and we think about what you might really want to say.

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