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Distributor of beautiful, imported paper goods & gifts

Today, life moves fast. We communicate differently now, although we still want to express the same thoughts. When we send an email something is lost – the joy of receiving a card in the post, the excitement of opening it, the pleasure of feeling the paper and admiring the design, knowing it was carefully chosen just for us. We place the card on the mantel or in a drawer where we will rediscover it months later and enjoy it again.

We now buy so much online. Even gifts that are wrapped by someone else and sent without us ever seeing or touching them. When we receive a gift that is not only hand-chosen for us, but also hand-wrapped, we know it. It has the touch and feel of the giver.

Our company’s mission is to search for and discover the world’s most fabulous products so we can offer them to you.

At Nelson Line we are committed not only to bringing you great cards, papers and gifts, but also to the art of giving.

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