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The Moleskine notebook is the heir to the legendary notebooks used by artists and thinkers from the past two centuries. A simple black rectangle with rounded corners, elastic band and internal pocket, this timeless object was sold in a stationery shop of Paris frequented by the artistic and literary community. In the mid 1980’s the original notebook manufacturer closed and in 1997 a small Milanese publisher brought the legendary notebook back to life under the name “Moleskine” as the reverent keeper of an extraordinary tradition.

Moleskine is a book yet to be written and filled with its user’s unique personality, stories and ideas. Today it is a global brand that designs tools for creative professionals and knowledge workers. It is an engine and recognized leader in contributing to the development of human knowledge, creativity and culture.

Our notebooks have resumed their travels with today’s generation of contemporary talent. They have proven themselves as indispensable companions for self-expression and complementary tools to the innovative technologies of our connected lives. They follow us on journeys near and far, capture reality in movement, and provide a platform where ideas can grow.

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