Laughing Elephant

Greeting cards and gifts with a retro flair

Laughing Elephant produces greeting cards, notecards, books, paper gifts, reproductions of antique valentines, vintage luggage labels, our popular series of children’s shaped books, notebooks and journals, and more.

Our products celebrate many subjects we hold dear such as children, family, friends, dogs, cats, babies, love, relationships, home, as well as spiritual and inspirational titles. We strive to capture the ideals of past times with imagery from antique postcards, late 19th and early 20th century children’s books, vintage advertising and a wealth of other sources.

We began with the intention of showing the work of great and neglected illustrators and have since built a large library of images. These images are in myriad forms, though books are central to the collection. We have tens of thousands of things with pictures that please us: calendars, posters, labels, pamphlets, playing cards, bridge tallies, game boards, postcards, paper dolls, wallpaper, blotters, bookmarks, greeting cards, stickers, magazines, etc. We are a family business located in Seattle, Washington. One of our owners is Alexandra Day, creator of the bestselling Good Dog, Carl children’s book series. We see it as our mission - and our joy - to sort through this vast library, discover particularly fine images, and then develop ways to use them in our various publications.

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