Guttersnipe Press

Funny Letterpress Greeting Cards

Guttersnipe Press is the manaical brainchild of a crotchety-old young man named Steve Lusher. After moving from West Virginia to the North Carolina coast in 2010, Steve fell in love with letterpress and screen printing and began spewing forth the contents of his unbalanced mind on an unsuspecting world.

Enter Jess Gard, who came along just in time to add a softer side to the madness and keep Steve well in hand. Together these two have set out to bring the ha-ha’s to the world and spread Guttersnipe Press far and wide!

The Products:

Guttersnipe Press designs, illustrates, and hand prints our line of irreverent, snarkalicious letterpress greeting cards in our Wilmington, NC studio. Straight across the interwebs and into your heart! Our cards can be found in fine-ass independent retailers across the USA, and in Canada, Australia, and the UK. Since 2014 we have produced our local and national apparel lines, featuring vintage-inspired North Carolina, Wilmington, and other original designs screen printed using water-based inks onto absurdly soft T-shirts and canvas tote-bags, as well as magnets, stickers, can coolers and more! Viva la Bird!

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