Flying Bird Botanicals

Organic Tea & Drinking Chocolate

At Flying Bird Botanicals we are driven by our love for plants, healing and enjoying a delicious cup. We love the simple ritual of making tea, providing a moment of peaceful solitude or a chance to share a simple luxury.

Our teas are always made with only organically farmed and ethically wildcrafted herbs- looking first to our local community for sourcing. Our overseas purchases are made with our global community at heart. We source our spices from fair trade certified farms and our teas from small gardens growing their plants with care using heirloom traditions passed down for hundreds of years.

Inspired by ancient herbal wisdom, our original tea blends are crafted to offer comfort and efficacy with every nourishing sip. We invite you to share a cup, support local farmers and be a part of the newest innovation in tea all while enjoying one of the world’s most ancient rituals.

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