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Makers of the Wit & Delight and Ashley Mary collections

Founded in 2009, design loop is a boutique product design and development company with nearly 10 years of experience collaborating with artists to create items that blend beauty and function to brighten the everyday.

design loop delivers a curated product and brand portfolio that provides retailers with accessory offerings for home and office as well as digital and mobile devices. Key product categories include:

 Stationery and Desk Accessories  iPhone Cases  Mobile Device Charging Solutions  Apple Watch Bands  Bluetooth Wireless and Wired Earbuds  Bluetooth Earbuds

What sets design loop apart from other product development companies is its belief in partnering with daydreamers and visionaries, and letting them do what they do best: create. design loop has worked with the following two partners to create inspired product collections.

Wit & Delight The Wit & Delight Collection for design loop is the intersection of elegance and utility. The items in the Collection – including digital accessories, and a just-launched stationery and desk accessories line – boast metallic accents and variety of expressive patterns and textures.

Wit & Delight was brought to life in 2009 by St. Paul-based designer, Kate Arends. What began as a lifestyle website has evolved into a brand that celebrates a combination of veracious expression and simple elegance with an approachable, yet edited point of view.

Ashley Mary The Ashley Mary Collection for design loop embodies what fun means in digital accessories. The items pop with color and abstract designs that allow consumers to put their personal style on display. Ashley Mary is an abstract artist who creates lively, energetic works in her Northeast Minneapolis studio space. For the last 9 years, her work has focused around celebrating color and shape compositions. Ashley sees her art as karma, putting good and playful vibes into her pieces so that they may put the goodness back into the world.

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