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These Candles Restore Lives

More Than a Candle:

The problem: Human trafficking exists in America. Vulnerable young people are being taken advantage of in our very own communities. This issue tugs at our hearts, but sometimes we don’t really know what to do about it. We often feel ill-equipped to make a difference against this issue.

The solution: By crafting soy candles that give back financially to trusted nonprofits, we provide a simple way for us everyday Americans to engage in anti-human trafficking efforts.

Give-back structure: We strive for utmost transparency in all we do. We want our partners and the end consumer to know exactly the impact of their partnership and purchase. To accomplish this, we operate on a 5% of revenue give-back model. Meaning 5% of your purchase is donated to our trusted nonprofit. We donate on a quarterly basis and publish those amounts on our website.

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