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Botanical Photography on Aluminum Jewelry

ANVIL metals studio is a love story. A love of photography. A love of showing people how I see the world. There is beauty in everything and I strive to capture that in my work. I fell in love with photography when I was eighteen. I took pictures every chance I had and built a darkroom in my apartment bathroom. I knew from the start that I wanted to have control of the image from start to finish. I went on to study Commercial Photography at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, NC. For me it was the dawn of the digital age. It brought a whole new level to controlling the final image. After college I branched off on a different path and pursued silversmithing and jewelry making for the better part of a decade. ANVIL is how I came full circle. My work came together from my love of photography and digital imaging and my background in jewelry making and metalsmithing. I have spent the last decade honing my craft in jewelry making, enameling, and alternative print processes. I perfected the process of incorporated imagery into enameled work through iron oxide printing. This process is gorgeous and the sepia tones it uses are quite unique. Customers loved my imagery but often asked if the images could be produced in color. This is what lead me to aluminum prints. I knew like all of my work I would need to retain control of the process from start to finish. This is why I chose to learn the process from start to finish so that I could create the whole piece myself in my studio and insure that my original vision is embodied in the final piece. ANVIL incorporates all of my unique skills into one spectacular line. I hope you enjoy every ANVIL piece that you add to your art collection. A piece of my heart goes into every one of them with the hope that it brings you joy and a connection to the piece.

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