Nineteen Seventy Three

Luxury Letterpress Greeting Cards

Emma and James Emmerson, both born in 1973, formed the company in 2003 whilst sat at their kitchen table. Inspired by a shared love of cool design and typography, their brand has gone from strength to strength, guided by an uncompromising stance on originality and quality.

Emma is the creative force behind Nineteen Seventy Three and spends much of her time trawling through visual multimedia platforms, exhibitions and travel, fashion & lifestyle magazines, finding inspiration and spotting new talent. Her keen eye for predicting new trends keeps Nineteen Seventy Three ahead of the curve in design and innovation in an often-crowded marketplace.

Emma and James have achieved great success over the years by creating a number of eye-catching collections including Paper Nature, I Love Being Recycled, The Good Life, The Letterpress Collection, Grafika, The Animals, and WOW.

Their extensive offer can be found on the shelves of UK stores as diverse as Selfridges, The British Library, Waterstones, The National Trust, and Liberty alongside a global network of international lifestyle stores.

Sustainability is always at the heart of the company’s ethos and they use recycled or part recycled paper, acid-free inks, and work mainly with local businesses on production to support the economy and minimize their carbon footprint. They are also currently working on plastic-free packaging for their cards to meet increasing demand from retailers and to minimize environmental and chemical waste produced by over-packaging.

The brand is constantly evolving and, not content to rest on its laurels, continues to drive forward creating new links worldwide with a focus on quality through innovation and research.

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